Short film showed a soldier who learns to love and accept his trans daughter


The Real Thing, directed by filmmaker Brandon Kelley, was released online to mark Trans Awareness Week and Veterans Day. It stars Sophie Giannamore (a young trans actress known for the role in Transparent) as Allie, a trans girl who came out and started her transition journey while her dad, played by Michael Torpey, was serving abroad. And now he is back and he sees that the person he used to know as his son is actually a girl – an abused, bullied and offended girl, who is afraid that her dad won’t accept her true self, but she is wrong. The film was aired at the 2017 Outfest in Los Angeles and the 2018 New England Film Festival. Speaking to HuffPost, Kelley said he wanted to create a positive example of the parents reactions on their kids’ coming out – the only right reaction is to hug your child and to tell them “I am proud of you and I love you just the way you are


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