Teen says sorry for a homophobic attack on Gareth Thomas


Former Wales rugby captain Gareth Thomas has revealed that he had survived a homophobic attack but the police reacted quickly and the attacker was caught and identified. He is just 16 years old, he did not deny committing the attack and he has already brought his apology to his victim. Thomas had called for restorative justice (it mean s that the boy would have to go through reconciliation with a man he attacked) over the homophobic attack in The Hayes, Cardiff city center on Friday (November 16) in a video he posted on Twitter. The rugby star came out as gay in 2009 and has campaigned for LGBT rights and retired from professional sport two years later. International Gay Rugby chair Ben Owen commented: “To us Gareth is a hero, one of the few brave enough in men’s rugby to stand up and be open about who he is. But it shouldn’t be that way, it shouldn’t take bravery to be who you are or to go out for a few pints to celebrate your team winning. Hate crimes have no place in 21st century Britain and have no place in our sport, on or off the pitch. Luckily the actions of these sick few are not representative of the many in the rugby community.”


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