Adam Rippon retires from skating


The openly gay Olympic medalist has made an announcement that he is quitting professional sport. The star, who recently celebrating his 29th birthday, made the revelation when he took part in CBS News’ #NoteToSelf series, saying that he loves skating and he will skate as long as he is physically able to, but he does not want to do it on a professional level, competing with other skaters. He wrote a letter to himself from “future” Adam, in which the skater mentioned he had recently been rejected from the US Olympic team, telling his past self that however hard it may be for him now to move on, he should do it proudly, because he moves to the most important goal in his life and it will be achieved, though it is almost impossible to believe in it at that particular moment. Adam wishes he had known by then that he would become a role model for so many people.


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