Catholic school teaches homosexuality to be a deformity

Cross and sunset

A Catholic school in Italy has taught its students that homosexuality is a “psychological deformity” which can possibly be changed if a person wants it. Maths teacher Armando Baldissin introduced the programm to 13 and 14 year olds at La Traccia di Calcinate, a school of nearly 1,000 students in Bergamo in the north of the country, which labels same-sex attractions as signs of sexual immaturity and a disorientation of personality which a person can grow out of. Homosexuality, the children were taught, was an “obvious contradiction between the attraction that one feels and the body one has” that was caused by “self-inadequacy with respect to one’s sexual identity.” The teaching materials, which included a section called, “When desire is not adequate for one’s own humanity,” stated that “if helped by a good psychologist, it is possible that the homosexual drive can be silenced.”


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