First Dates included a trans woman and the audience loved her


Sparks flew between 25-year-old Danni and her date with 28-year-old Aiden on Monday night’s episode of First Dates (November 19). Danni told Aiden that she was trans, and his reaction was very warm and positive. Danni explained that she is in the process of setting up a lingerie company to make underwear for trans women like herself and paused to see how her new acquaintance would react. Aiden said ‘Okay’, and gave her a sign to continue talking. Later he said that she had not even noticed and had not even realize that she was trans, but it was not a problem for him anyway. The woman was overwhelmed with his words because she got used to a completely different reaction – as soon as she revealed she was trans, her dates changed her attitude to her. She used to believe that dating is a minefield for trans people. But this time she walked through it and she is safe and sound


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