League of Legends now has a lesbian champion


The multiplayer online battle game, which is played by around 100 million people every month, unveiled Neeko—a queer chameleon shapelifter. Matt Dunn, senior narrative writer at League of Legends developer Riot Games, was asked by players about Neeko’s sexuality, and he responded that she prefers women. Gamers had spotted that when Neeko takes on another character’s female form, she makes comments such as: “Neeko is joyful to become you” and “wish I could stay like this forever,” and asks other female characters questions like: “Does dragon lady want to eat lunch with Neeko sometime maybe?” so, if it is possible to make conclusions about the character’s sexuality in a game like this at all, then Neeko is definitely a lesbian. Dunn also tweeted that Neeko was “currently single and looking. She loved (fellow champion) Nidalee, but it was unrequited.”


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