Channel 4’s Trans Kids is accused of failing transgender community


Trans campaigners have heavily criticized Channel 4’s documentary Trans Kids: It’s Time to Talk, accusing producers of misleading people about what it means to be trans. The program tells the story of psychotherapist Stella O’Malley who believed she was a boy in childhood and if she knew that it was possible to transition, she would have done it, but now she is happy to be a woman. O’Malley’s interviewees included 13-year-old autistic trans teen Matt, trans man and YouTuber Cole, who started transitioning aged 22, and Debbie, a trans woman who transitioned in a more mature age. At the end of the show, O’Malley laments in her belief that many trans kids are “lost” and are being “led” down an irreversible path, many of them don’t understand what it means. However, trans campaigners on Twitter slammed the show for being “bias[ed],” “mean”—and only representing a cisgender viewpoint.


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