Germany’s education secretary Anja Karliczek is under fire for her comments about same-sex parenting


Karliczek, a leading member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), faced criticism for expressing anti-LGBT views in one of her latest TV interviews. In an interview on N-TV show Klamroth’s Konter, Karliczek criticized the “rash” way that equal marriage came about, saying: “I think the way we did it was not right.” Angela Merkel as a person disapproves same-sex marriages but as the leader of the country she had to give people an opportunity to make a final decision concerning this issue, so the law was accepted. But Frau Karliczek believes it was wrong because it might affect the children’s vision of the world from the point of view of such values as love and family. The comments were promptly called out by one of the politician’s cabinet colleagues, Federal Minister for Families and Women Franziska Giffey, who said that the studies have already proven that there is no difference for children whether to be brought up by same-sex or opposite-sex parents.


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