Rita Ora wants queer girls to be more confident


Pop star Rita Ora has said she hopes her controversial track “Girls” would help young queer girls to understand their sexuality and to reveal it to their families. She knew that her own coming out through this song would be scandalous and controversial, but she told her story, her truth, and she hopes that young queer girls would be inspired to be brave and honest with themselves. A number of queer musicians, including Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko, slammed Ora for the song, saying it shows disrespect to queer women, but Rita said she wanted to help them. “This was a moment in time when I wanted to give confidence to girls who are trapped and feel like they can’t tell their parents that they are gay,” said Rita, “I wanted to give people that bit of hope to get through it. It was my story and my truth.”


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