Woman trickled homophobes to support Pride


A South Korean writer has been fined for trolling homophobes that were attacking her as she showed support to the queer community on the local television. Feminist writer Eun Ha-sun took part in the Candid Men and Women show on South Korean channel Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) discussing sexuality and gender identity issues last year, which deeply irritated anti-LGBT religious groups in the country. “Dear children of God who oppose homosexuality. The producer’s contact number of ‘Candid Men and Women’ has been changed. Make sure to text to this number: #2540-6550,” the writer later wrote on social media, but the thing is that this number is a donating line of the LGBT Pride event in Seoul.Around 90 people unknowingly made the donations, but a court fined Eun for the equivalent of £1,375 at a ruling on Monday (November 19) as part of a religious group’s lawsuit against the writer. Eun plans to appeal the verdict at a further court appearance scheduled for December 7, claiming that her post was a joke and it was clear from the language she used in it.


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