Deadnaming and misgendering is inappropriate in Twitter

FILE - In this Feb. 2, 2013, file photo, a smartphone display shows the Twitter logo in Berlin, Germany, Twitter unsealed the documents Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013, for its planned initial public offering of stock and says it hopes to raise up to $1 billion. (AP Photo/dpa, Soeren Stache, File)

Twitter has prohibited misgendering and deadnaming on its platform following massive complains over anti-trans abuse from the users. The social media company has changed its rules to ban the practices and has warned that any user who deliberately targets a trans person in these ways may have their Twitter account blocked with no chance to restore it. In Twitter’s updated terms of service, the company states dehumanizing certain groups of people and degrading them for just the way they are is not something approved by the Twitter policy and that is why the company takes certain actions to prevent transphobic hate in future. The social media giant has also created a new section of its terms of service, called “Consequences,” in which explains the actions it is pledging to take against offenders. Users who are “deemed to have shared a violent threat” will also be banned from the platform, the company has stated.


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