Hugh Jackman commented rumors about his sexuality


We all know that Hugh Jackman is married to a woman, but it still does not stop people from rumoring about the actor’s private life and love interests. Mr, Jackman says that he has already got used to it and he does not mind to be called gay. He is an LGBT supporter and he was actively campaigning for same-sex marriages being legalized in his native Australia, moreover, his wife supported him in such a campaign, so, he understands that the word ‘gay’ is not an offence and he does not treat it as such. It is the same for him as to be called, for example, an American when he is actually an Australian – those who are interested in who he really is and those who really care about it already know that he is not, but if they want to redefine his biography just for themselves – from the point of view of age, nationality, sexuality or whatever – then okay, he is not going to argue and try to prove something. “Some dudes do get upset, some dudes say: ‘Don’t say I’m gay,’” Jackman said, explaining that when it came to him, “I am good,” according to the Metro.


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