Olly Alexander wore a rainbow outfit to protest against homophobic laws in Poland


Olly Alexander has taken a stand against Poland’s anti-gay laws by donning a rainbow suit attending the Polish version of The Voice. The Years & Years vocalist said that his queer Polish fans asked him to use one of the most loved TV shows in the country to speak on behalf of the rainbow community. Olly said that it would be an honor for him, though he understands that it is definitely not enough. “Poland’s government has become increasingly anti-LGBT and same-sex couples are not allowed to be shown on the TV station,” he added, referring to comments made last year by the director of Polish national television, Jacek Kurski, who said that dating shows were not for same-sex couples. “The government’s stance on LGBTQ+ equality does not reflect the pride and love we see at our shows there, nor is it reflected in the people we work with. We had a great weekend, I love Poland and I will do my best to do right by you guys,” said the singer


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