Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall reveals her affairs with women


Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall said that she is not 100% straight and she had sex with women. KT Tunstall said in an interview with DIVA Magazine that she studied at the Scottish Youth Theater in Glasgow, and people were open to get off with everybody. “I do connect with being heterosexual now but women are able to captivate in a different way from men,” she added. She has been rumored to be a lesbian, but denied the rumors saying that she is still attracted to me, but does not deny intimate experience with women. Tunstall said her lesbian experiences were not “a phase,” and to call it such would be “disrespectful.” It is a part of her life and she is not going to erase it, she is not ashamed of who she is and she is happy to see that fluidity is more represented nowadays.


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