Boston police arrests a teen who threatened to shoot gay people


Boston Police have arrested a teenage boy suspected of making threatening phone calls to two gay bars over the past month, the 16-year-old suspect, whose name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons, has already been arrested in connection with the attack. Boston area gay bars Alley Bar and dbar first reported receiving threatening calls a few weeks before the teen was arrested. They threatened to commit a mass shooting in the bar.“We don’t take any threats lightly,” Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross said at the time, quoted by local news station WHDHб “Everybody should be able to enjoy any establishment that they wish to go into in the City of Boston. Whether it’s The Alley or dbar, you should be able to enjoy yourself peacefully.” The Alley Bar also got a similar phone call, as the venue wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post quoted by WCBV. The bar said the caller first asked for directions to the bar. “In the course of the conversation, the person threatened the bar,” the post read.


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