Catholic school student comes out as gay and receives a standing ovation


Finn Stannard, 17, publicly revealed he is gay in front of around 1,500 other students during the assembly at St. Ignatius’ College in Sydney. SBS news shared the video of this heartwarming moment. “Announcing yourself to the world is pretty terrifying because what if the world doesn’t like you?” He said that he had struggled with who he was, he did not know how to be himself and believed that pretending straight would be the easiest way but at that moment he felt brave enough to stand up and say that he was gay.“I had the privilege and support of my school, my teachers, my friends and family to proudly stand before my peers and tell my story,” the teen wrote on Facebook, adding that he was even allowed to tae his boyfriend to graduation. “My message to everyone is that you should never feel alone or scared because of who you are. Be yourself, be proud, and always accept others for who they truly are,” he concluded.


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