Taron Egerton talks about having onscreen sex with Richard Madden


Taron Egerton plays Elton John in a new biopic Rocketman, where Richard Madden plays John Reid, Sir Elton’s former manager and former lover. The Welsh star said that it was quite comfortable for him to film a sex scene because his partner was a man whom he had already known. He is proud that a movie depicts fully who Sir Elton was by then and who he is now, in part from the point of view of sexuality.“I actually think the gay community will be quite surprised by quite how gay it feels. I’ve loved every second of it. I’m not someone who is remotely perturbed by male intimacy and I am quite proud of what we’ve done with it. We really went some places with it,” he teases. In another interview with BANG Showbiz, Egerton discussed the sex scene with Madden in more detail: “We went to some places together and got quite physical.”


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