Cardinal blames gay people of sexual abuse scandals within the church


In an interview with far-right Catholic website LifeSite, cardinal Gerhard Müller suggested that being gay was a phase on the way to becoming a sexual abuser, he believes homosexuality to be a sin or even a disorder because God, he thinks, did not create people this way. “Sexual communion has its place exclusively in the marriage between a man and a woman. Outside, there is only fornication and abuse of sexuality, both either with persons of the opposite sex, or in the unnatural intensification of sin with persons of the same sex,” he wrote. Müller discussed the resignation of cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who stepped down in July 2018 after being accused of pedophilia. “That McCarrick, together with his clan and a homosexual network, was able to wreak havoc in a mafia-like manner in the Church is connected with the underestimation of the moral depravity of homosexual acts among adults,” Müller told LifeSite.


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