Man who killed his wife used gay dating apps the same day, the court has heard


Mitesh Patel, a pharmacist accused of strangling his wife to death so he could start his life from an empty sheet with a man, used Grindr the day his wife died, as it was revealed during the trial. had affairs with men and he admitted it in his testimony. His wife figured it out and threatened to leave him. He promised he would stop using the apps to stay with her, but did not keep the promise. And phone records used as evidence in court on Monday (November 26) show that he accessed them on the day of Jessica Patel’s death. The court was also played police interviews which stated that when officers arrived to arrest Patel, he was found with £2,000 in a plastic bag in addition to £25,000 in a safe in the pharmacy which Patel ran with his wife, according to Teesside Live. The man still does not admit killing his wife.


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