Scottish National Party politician John Mason accuses trans people of ‘overriding science’


John Mason strongly criticized the reports that the Scottish government is ready to support the new law that would make it easier for transgender people to be recognized by their true gender in the legal documents. The SNP MSP penned a letter to the Scottish Herald saying that the science has already defined who is male and who is female and there is no need to argue with the science. “It does seem to me that normally science can tell at birth whether a human being or an animal is male or female. Are we trying to override science by saying it is possible for males to become females and females to become males?” he asks. Very strange claim, if to consider that fact that Mr. Mason believes in creationism. Meaning not only the creation of the world by God (this is something the scientists can neither confirm nor deny) , but also denying evolution of species and ignoring the real age of the Earth – and this is totally unscientific.


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