Trans woman who died in ICE custody was abused before her death


A trans woman who died while in US Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been beaten before she died, according to the post-mortem expertize. Honduran citizen Roxsana Hernández Rodriguez was 33 years old when she died on May 25 in a hospital in New Mexico, having been admitted the previous week due to “symptoms of pneumonia, dehydration and complications associated with HIV,” according to an ICE statement. The experts did not deny the cayuses of her death but they also revealed a number of injuries on the woman’s body that allowed to make a conclusion that she had been physically abused, because the injuries of such kind were extremely unlikely to have been received accidentally.“An independent autopsy report reveals that Roxsana was shackled for a long time and very tightly, enough to cause deep bruising on her wrists,” said Lynly Egyes, the spokesperson of the Transgender Law Center. An ICE spokesperson denied the report’s findings in a statement to the Daily Beast.


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