Homophobic Trump supporter says some women are lesbians because no man could love them


The comments are the latest in a series of ridiculous claims made by right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire, known to his followers as “Coach Dave”. This time he humiliated queer women, saying that he sees lesbianism as an alternative solution for women who are not beautiful enough to attract men. “I look out at our sex-starved culture and the sex-starved nation in which we live and I would understand now why an unattractive woman might be drawn to an unattractive woman because, really, both of them probably, it’s hard to find a man to love them,” Coach Dave said in a YouTube video. First of all, many lesbians do attract men, but the thing is that men do not attract them. Secondly, there are bisexual\pansexual\sexually fluid women too, even if a woman is in relationships with another woman, it does not mean that having relationships with a man are impossible for her. Thirdly, if there is an unattractive woman who cannot find a man to go out with (we don’t believe in it, attractiveness is relative and subjective, there are no 100% unattractive people), then who guarantees that she would attract a woman? And finally, what if to tell Mr. Daubenmire that he is straight only because he is not beautiful enough to attract gay men, as it has been ironically suggested in social media?


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