It is now easier to change legal gender in Chile


Chilean president Sebastian Pinera signed the bill into law on Wednesday (November 28), which allows people to change their name and gender in official documents if they are aged 14 and older. This is a big win for the country which is under a strong Catholic pressures and even divorces were illegal there until 2004 and abortions are still illegal without special (medical) circumstances. The bill was introduced nearly five years ago by former president Michelle Bachelet. It eventually passed in September after years of debate, following opposition from religious and conservative groups. The law requires children aged 14 to 18 to gain permission from parents or supervisors if they want to change their gender. Juan Enrique Pi Arriagada, executive president of Fundación Iguales, said that the legislation marked a forward step for trans rights in the country. The rights that were excluded from transgender people in Chile are being acknowledged at last,” said the executive president.


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