Uber driver is accused of dragging a gay customer down the street


An Uber driver allegedly dragged a gay customer along a busy street in New York, after telling him and his husband that in is native country people like them face capital punishment. Taray Carey was left injured and shaken after spending half a block clinging to the Uber taxi along East 4th Street in the East Village on Tuesday night (November 27), he told WNBC. The driver saw the men hugging and started a rant, using an F-slur repeatedly. While they were stopped at a red light, the gay couple attempted to get out, but Majkowski was unable to do so and Carey was left hanging on, partway outside the car, the driver saw it and took off instead of letting him get out. Uber said that the driver has been taken off its app, adding: “What’s been reported is very concerning to us and Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination.” Police are investigating the incident.


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