Delta Airlines passenger exchanged Grindr messages with the pilot


JP Thorn initially posted a screenshot of the message on Instagram on August 30. The message, sent by someone “90 feet away” from him who wished him to enjoy the flight to Chicago. Later, in November, the passenger remembered that lovely occasion and reposted the messages on Twitter, to get thousands of likes and retweets. Thorn told The New York Post the incident took place in August. He was traveling from Saint Paul to Chicago, where he was due to take a connecting flight to Nashville. He saw the message when he turned on his mobile phone upon landing, and his first reaction was fear and a strong desire to run away as soon as possible. Thorn told the Post the message was sent 30 minutes prior to the plane’s landing. However, the timestamp visible on the screenshot he shared on Twitter shows the message was received at 5:23 am. The screenshot was taken at 7am and the flight time between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport takes about one hour and 35 minutes—meaning the message was likely sent just before take off. As the plane landed, Thorn replied to the pilot’s message and he says that it was a pretty nice chat with a nice guy. To one of the many people on Twitter who asked him if the pilot “was cute,” Thorn answered: “I’ll never know I literally ran off that flight.” Thorn told the Post he would have met up with the man if he did not have to catch a connecting flight—but he has since deleted the app and has never talked to the pilot again


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