Margot Robbie would love to explore her character’s sexuality


Award-winning actor Margot Robbie has welcomed the prospect of a same-sex romance for her character Harley Quinn in the upcoming film Birds of Prey. Robbie told PrideSource that according to the comic books Harley gets very close to a fellow female villain Poison Ivy, when she realizes all the hopelessness of her relationships with Joker. Ones said that Harley and Poison Ivy are friends, but Margot sees that they might be more and she would love it tobe shown on screen. The Aussie actress agrees to reprise the role in Warner Bros’ Birds of Prey, due for release in 2020. In the new movie Harley joins a women-only superhero team that features Black Canary and Huntress, who have both featured in Arrow, as well as Renee Montoya, a lesbian Gotham City detective.It remains unclear at this stage whether Poison Ivy will be included in the storyline as it is not yet allowed to reveal the details of the plot


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