Mike Pence marked the World AIDS Day, but forgot to mention gay people


Pence, a historical opponent of LGBT+ rights, gave a speech in the White House on Thursday ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1. He paid tribute to the victims of AIDS crisis, but did it selectively, avoiding to mention men having sex with men, who were affected the most. Instead, Pence recalled stories of straight people who contracted HIV/AIDS from contaminated blood and other sources. Pence also pledged new funding to “faith-based organisations” who he claims are on “the frontline against HIV/AIDS,” even though their programs don’t cover gay and bisexual men, who are the top risk group for this illness. Chad Griffin of Human Rights Campaign said: “[The speech] is truly the height of hypocrisy. From spreading misinformation about condom use, to contributing to a major outbreak of HIV/AIDS in his home state, Pence has put ideology before the health and lives of countless people.”


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