Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc has abused a lesbian couple


Pipe bomb terror suspect Cesar Sayoc was reported to police for throwing urine at a lesbian couple months before he faced 30 terror charges in the federal court for sending more than a dozen of explosive devices to the former POTUS Barack Obama and the former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton. Later he a;so attempted to explode the individuals and organizations that had been criticized by the current President Donald Trump and his supporters. Sayoc was arrested on October 26 on suspicion of sending 14 explosive devices to prominent Democrats including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—as well as individuals and organisations that President Donald Trump and his supporters have often criticized, including philanthropist George Soros and CNN. It emerged that a man matching the description of Sayoc was reported to police months earlier over a road rage incident, he was caught throwing urine in a lesbian couple.A police report confirms Cesar Sayoc as the suspected driver, but according to the report he was never arrested over the incident despite suspicion of “aggravated battery.”


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