Taiwan same-sex marriage referendum labeled invalid

People take part in a rally in support of same-sex marriage near the Presidential Office in Taipei on November 18, 2018, ahead of a landmark vote on LGBT rights on November 24. - Taiwan's top court in May 2017 legalised gay marriage, the first place in Asia to do so, and ruled its decision must be implemented within two years. (Photo by Chris STOWERS / AFP) (Photo credit should read CHRIS STOWERS/AFP/Getty Images)

A public vote in Taiwan to ban same-sex marriage does not override a court ruling that called the ban unconstitutional, said the senior official of the country. According to the Taiwan News, Judicial Yuan Secretary-General Lu Tai-lang said that referendums cannot challenge the rules of the constitutional court, which is the institution of the highest legal authority in the country. The official said that the ruling, which found it discriminatory to deny gay couples equal partnership rights is a made decision which cannot be changed by the public referendum, it does not have enough power for it. Two-thirds of voters opposed LGBT-inclusive education and same-sex marriage. Annie Huang, Amnesty International Taiwan’s Acting Director, said: “The result is a bitter blow and a step backwards for human rights in Taiwan. However, despite this setback, we remain confident that love and equality will ultimately prevail. The result must not be used as an excuse to further undermine the rights of LGBTI people. The Taiwanese government needs to step up and take all necessary measures to deliver equality and dignity for all, regardless of who people love.”


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