Gay couple Jakub Kwieciński and David Mycek proposed one another 100 times


The famous Polish youtubers have already been married for a year. They had to tie the knot abroad, in Portugal, because his native country does not approve same-sex marriages. But even though each of them has already said his big ‘yes’, the men are not tired of proposing one another over and over again, so they decided to turn it into a social experiment to prove that Poland is ready to accept same-sex love, regardless of all the stereotypes. The two asked passersby to film their fake wedding proposals on the streets of Warsaw. In the video, one of the couple asks a member of the public, who isn’t aware that it is a same-sex proposal, to film the moment, and then the other half of the couple appears. And even though the members o the public are visibly surprised, they are congratulating the couple with engagement, applauding and shaking their hands. There is no hate, no aggression, no homophobia – people see that love is love and it always wins.


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