Strictly Come Dancing pro AJ Pritchard refuses to label himself


The professional dancer, 24, has been a part of Strictly Come Dancing since 2016, he has many fans among gay men and he has repeatedly been asked whether he was gay himself, but he refuses to respond, not because there is something to hide, just because he does not see sexual attraction as something that can and should be defined and put in a box. People called him gay as insult from the age of 12 because he likes to dance, but he does not take this word as offensive and he is an extrem,e supporter of the LGBT community, and his heart melts when he sees them supporting him back. “It’s really great because they are always the best people to always be around. I love being around gay people, going to gay clubs. Obviously in this industry there happens to be more gay people, so it just seems to work perfectly—and it helps with the sales for the calendar,” he laughed


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