Gay couple were stabbed and beaten, their neighbors watched indifferently


A gay couple has been beaten and stabbed in front of their Las Vegas home and their neighbors were looking at it and didn’t even try to do anything.Charles Clements and his boyfriend Vincent were attacked on Thursday (November 29) by two men who used glass shards to repeatedly stab them, which led to them being hospitalized. Vincent had broken ribs and punctuated lungs. Vincent, who wrote on Facebook that he was stabbed seven times in the back during the incident, was released from Las Vegas’s University Medical Centre on Friday night and his boyfriend Charles ha no doubt that they have been attacked because of being gay. The two men drove away following the attack, which police are investigating. Vincent told Las Vegas authorities that he recognized one of the assailants as his colleague at Walmart. They are now seeking a new place to stay, because the attackers know where they live and it terrifies them.


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