Gay Mexican couple ties the knot in New York


A gay Mexican couple who got married in New York City will be the first to see their same-sex union being legally recognized by their native country. Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor got married on November 26. To make it possible they had to win a legal battle against the Mexican government. The couple, who first moved to the US in 2016 to pursue their master’s degrees at Columbia University, first applied for a marriage licence in May at the General Consulate of Mexico in New York, but their first request was denied as Mexico does not recognize same-sex marriages on the national level. The couple would have had to travel back to Mexico City or one of the states where same-sex marriage is legal to get married, which they believed to be wrong, offensive and discriminatory. A judge in Mexico’s Guerrero state agreed with the couple, ruling in their favor in October. The decision will allow all LGBT+ Mexicans living abroad to get married in their place of residence to be legally recognized as married under the Mexican law.


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