Jason Kenney fought to prevent AIDS victims from being visited by partners in hospitals


Jason Kenney, the leader of the opposition in Alberta, Canada, is facing scrutiny of his anti-LGBT record after he posted a World AIDS Day message. After the tweet from Kenney, the leader of the right-wing United Conservative Party, lawyer Kyle Morrow responded with a clip of a speech the politician gave 18 years ago, expressing his strongly negative reaction on the approval of domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.In 1989, at the height of the AIDS crisis, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved rights that extended “the same hospital visitation rights” and “bereavement leave policy” to those who are in domestic partnerships (meaning mostly same-sex couples) and Kenney voted against it. In a statement to VICE, a spokesperson for Kenney said: “Mr Kenney’s views on these issues have evolved since then, as have society’s.” Kenney does not deny voting against the bill but sees o need in apologizing for it. Kenney previously faced action over comments inferring that students who join gay-straight alliances (GSAs) should be outed to their parents. The United Conservative Party leader recently dodged calls to expel a member who compared the Pride flag to a Nazi swastika.


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