Barnaby Joyce thinks that schools should have a right to discriminate against trans kids


Australia’s former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce is facing anger after suggesting that religious schools should have a right to reject potential pupils if they are trans. The former leader of Australia’s Nationals made the comments as the country’s parliament debates plans to eliminate exemptions for faith schools to have a right to discriminate against LGBT students. oyce, a Member of the Australian Parliament for New England, said that any new rules should not apply to transgender children, especially when it comes to girls-only and boys-only schools.Joyce was contradicted by his party leader, the country’s current deputy prime minister Michael McCormack, who believes that no parent woulds want their child to be discriminated against, that is why discrimination against children is unacceptable in any form. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has submitted proposals to close the faith schools loophole, but LGBT+ groups have branded his new plan “deeply flawed” and warned his plans to codify new religious freedom exemptions could actually end up broadening the right to discriminate.


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