There is now a men-only burlesque group in Australia


Briefs Factory is an Australian creative collective using circus, drag, dance, burlesque and comedy to create fun-fueled show. They have been together for a decade and they are marking the jubilee with a brand new show program, the third in their career. The aim was to create a safe space for artists from all walks of life, teaching them to work with a live audience and teaching the audience to accept art in all its diversity. “10 years ago there were questionable spaces for queers and people of color so we wanted to make a space were we could celebrate one another,” said Fez Faanana, Briefs’ co-founder, who is extremely proud that the group has transformed from a club by interest into a collective of successful performers. “Theater is a weapon for everyone to escape into and to use as a point of discussion. It’s important for people to acknowledge theater in all of its forms. Theater can be this thing that gives you the opportunity to question reality or evoke conversation,” he says.


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