Lesbian couple with age gap says the only ‘problem’ of these relationships is hate from others


Julia is a lesbian youtuber. And when she told her watchers that she is moving together with her girlfriend Eileen, whom she met on Tinder and fell in love with her immediately, her followers asked her to introduce Eileen to them. And their first reaction was shock because Eileen is visibly much more mature than Julia. but the women are not bothered about it as much as their haters do, the point is not in age but in the energy you give to a person and the energy this person gives back to you. And from this point of view Julia and Eileen’s relationships are perfect. The only bitter thing in them is reading hateful online comments, Julia did not get used to such a flood of hate and it might take time for her to ignore narrow-minded people who don’t understand that she is younger than her beloved, but legally, physically and mentally she is mature enough to build relationships with whomever she wants and to be happy even if she has a picture of happiness that is a little bit different from the rest. Really, just a little bit, because true love is so huge, so immense thing, that such minor things as age, gender, social status etc. mean nothing for it


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