Lesbian footballer Gilly Flaherty opens up about struggle with accepting her sexuality


Lesbian footballer Gilly Flaherty has opened up about her sexuality in a powerful video in support of the Rainbow Laces campaign by Stonewall, aimed to tackle homophobia in football. The footballer said she is now in relationships with a woman named Lily and these relationships make her happy, but she still cannot feel funny accepted by he environment she has to live in. She has always known that boys are her friends and playmates, not romantic interests, but the older she became, the more she understood that the society wanted her to change it, and the clearer it was for her that changing sexuality was as impossible as changing the color of her eyes – it was just a part of who she was and there were two ways – either to learn to accept it or to spend the rest of her life struggling. She had very accepting and supportive parents, it is a blessing, but she still had to live in fear of being rejected for being who she was. She then moved on to the rainbow laces campaign, which she has been a vocal supporter of. She said the campaign offered a chance for a player to “embrace who they are” and to “support their teammates if they are gay.”


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