School in Indiana bans gay-straight alliance as well as any mentioning of LGBT


A lawsuit has alleged that a Gay-Straight Alliance group at an Indiana school was allowed to function only if it
could be renamed without mentioning any LGBT-related terms. The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed the lawsuit against Leo Junior/Senior High School in Leo-Cedarville, Indiana, a small town with a population of 3,600. School administrators allegedly refused to permit the club name Leo Gay-Straight Alliance because of the word ‘gay’ in the name, so the students renamed the group into Pride Alliance. They were also warned that it was not permitted for them to “use the words gay, lesbian, queer, GSA [or] LGBT+… in any of the announcements or promotions for the club.”Unlike other clubs at the school, the Leo Pride Alliance members were told they are “not permitted to meet outside of a single classroom or participate in school fundraisers,” and a request for a bulletin board to promote LGBT History Month was also initially denied. East Allen County Schools vowed to look into this matter but it is yet to give the official respond to the lawsuit.


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