Trump appoints one more anti-LGBT official


The US Justice Department has appointed Kerri Kupec, who worked for a listed anti-LGBT hate group, to a senior role. Kerri Kupec was this week appointed director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Department of Justice, as part of a reshuffle which followed the retirement of the Attorney General Jeff Session. The new senior DOJ spokesperson has a poor LGBT record, having been employed until January by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) the legal organization which is specialized on attempts to legalize discrimination against LGBT people and using religion as an excuse for such a discrimination. Kupec, who has a degree from the fundamentalist Liberty University, represented Alliance Defending Freedom at an anti-LGBT rally in November 2017 where she said religious business owners should be allowed to reject LGBT customers if serving them would be against their faith, beliefs and conscience. Kupec added that “the belief that marriage is a man-woman union has been held since the beginning of time,” before claiming that enforcing discrimination laws would “drive out” Christians, Muslims and Jewish people from the public square


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