Australian lesbians who have been together for almost 2 decades did not even dream to marry, but now it is possible


Michelle met Rhonda online 18 years ago, when online dating and even the Internet itself seemed like something exotic and futuristic. They started a conversation and immediately understood that they were strongly connected intellectually and spiritually. They went on the first date and fell in love. After few more dates two women moved together. But they have never expected that their love might go further to become legal and official, not because they did not want to, but because their native country, Australia, disapproved it. As you may have known, the state of affairs has changed a year ago, but Rhonda and Michelle still cannot believe in it. The women, who are now both in their 50s, are saddened that their love had not been recognized for a;; these years and they are overjoyed that the Australian officials finally realized that it was wrong.Rhonda says the legalization of same-sex marriage has made “little difference” to their relationship as they had already put in place various legal arrangements to protect them their assets, but now she can call Michelle ‘wifey’ and it means a lot!


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