Billy Eichner spoke out against toxic masculinity


Writing on Twitter, Eichner said that toxic masculinity “is real” and that he has to deal with it in his own way too. The comment was made in the wake of the backlash around the comedian Kevin Hart and the homophobic tweets he used to post between 2009 and 2012. Eichner said: “On a serious note, I’ve been around in this business for a minute. As one of very few openly gay men in comedy who’s fortunate enough to work as much as I do, I will ALWAYS fight for my LGBTQ community to get the respect we deserve. ALWAYS,” noting that Hart was wise enough to apologize for his mistakes and his apology is accepted. After Hart announced that he would be stepping down from the post of the Oscar host amid controversy, Eichner tweeted to say that he wants the “cast of Love Simon, the ghost of Harvey Milk and the entire executive board of Planned Parenthood” to host the Oscars. in another follow-up tweet, he said he wanted to see philosopher Noam Chomsky host the awards ceremony.


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