Court revealed the details of how a bi boy was tortured by parents to death


Details of horrific abuse allegedly suffered by Anthony Avalos, a 10-year-old boy who apparently came out as bisexual weeks before he died, have been revealed in unsealed grand jury transcripts. The boy’s mother and her boyfriend punched and kicked him, trying to ‘probe’ the kicks from wrestling on a helpless little boy, according to the jurors. The prosecutor also told the 25 members of the grand jury, who were gathered to decide whether an indictment was warranted over Anthony’s death in June, that the pair beat him with belts and a vacuum hose and cord, slammed his head against the floor and made his siblings beat him. The alleged series of torture methods included making Anthony kneel on rice, swallow hot sauce against his will and locking him in his room for days on end, giving him no food. The parents still don’t admit their guilt.


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