Hannah Gadsby talks about the experience of homelessness


Gadsby made the comments in a conversation with writer Roxane Gay, which was published by the Guardian. She said she used to have no place to stay when she was in her 20s and this period of her life was described by her as grim. Gadsby then told Gay that she was homeless, and that she used to say that it was for a six month period when she was living in a tent. Later she discovered couchserfing for herself, but still felt the lack of support and remained officially homeless for a year or more. Reflecting on being homeless, Gadsby added that she was “so sad” and that she was “just getting through it.” “Every day was a struggle. I was so isolated. And there’s so much shame around it. I’m a storyteller, and I’ve never told that story,” she added. Gadsby won international acclaim for her comedy show, Nanette, which was released by Netflix in June. The show is based upon the construct that Gadsby is quitting comedy, using it as a basis to movingly explore her experiences of the world as a gay woman and queer audience really loved it.


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