Indian doctor is in court for ‘gay cure therapy’


A court in India has summoned a doctor after it was discovered that he practiced ‘conversion; therapy on gay and lesbian patients. Dr. PK Gupta was summoned by the Delhi High Court for claiming that he could “treat” homosexuality with electric shock. The court summoned Gupta after a complaint was made against him by the Delhi Medical Council (DMC), who barred him from practicing in 2016. Despite this, he continued practicing medicine, which makes him liable for prosecution. As a consequence the doctor might lose his medial license and be imprisoned up to 1 year. In a statement, the magistrate said that the legislature does not see homosexuality as an illness, but the doctor repeatedly called it a genetically transmitted mental disorder. “Accordingly, it is clear that the treatment given by doctors as a part of ‘conversion therapy’ is not recognized either by the medicine or by the legislation,” they said, according to Outlook India.


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