RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage was frightened when Trump was elected as President


Michelle Visage has opened up about the impact Donald Trump’s election had on her family, saying that they found out about the newly-elected POTUS when they were having fun with their queer friends on a gay cruise. Michelle herself identifies as straight and she is happily married to a man, screenwriter David Case, but she is a frequent visitor of gay venues, queer community loves her and it is mutual, the majority of her friends are gay. Michelle is also a proud mother of a queer daughter, who was literally crying when she found out that Donald trump had been elected. “He’s trying to erase everything our brothers and sisters have fought so hard to make happen,” she said of Trump, adding that he turned the life of queer youth, including her own child, into something really scary. And she does not want such a life for the community that welcomed her with open arms when the rest of the ‘heteronormative’ world considered her weird.


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