Trump’s Attorney General nominee is extremely homophobic


William Barr, President Trump’s nominee to replace the ousted Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General, has an extensive anti-LGBT record. On December 7, Trump announced he had picked William Barr to head the Department of Justice and crucially claim responsibility to oversee the Mueller investigation. The position of the AG is not new to Mr. Barr, he was taking this post from 1991 till 1993. By then he made numerous claims against gay rights movements and voted against anti-discriminatory laws. Later Barr attacked the use of “District of Columbia law to compel Georgetown University to treat homosexual activist groups like any other student group.” He also described the separation of church and state in public institutions, the foundation of US society, as an as an “extremist notions” and an “moral lobotomy” and called sexual revolution a moral decline of the country. 


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