Billy Eichner tells celebrities to stop using the F-word


Gay comedian Billy Eichner has responded to Nick Cannon, who, as we reported earlier today, resurfaced a number of tweets from several celebrities that contained homophobic slurs. Cannon provoked a debate within the LGBT+ community about the response to the comedians compared to Kevin Hart, who wrote a number of homophobic tweets in 2009-2012, which cost him the place of Oscar host. In a lengthy Twitter response, gay comic Billy Eichner acknowledged: “I think Nick’s point is a compelling one.” He added that even though he completely understands that the celebrities who used these word did not do it with an intend to hurt anybody, they still should not have used it, because not all people are like Eincher – many of them take this word as an offence and it IS offensive, so if people do not want any scandals, they should be more careful choosing the words, because the consequences of using inappropriate words might affect them in future.


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