Gay Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle was kicked out of Parliament


The representative for Brighton Kemptown took the ornate symbol of the monarch’s power on Monday (November 10) in protest protest of the government’s decision to delay the Brexit agreement vote. Marching up to the Table of the House, which Speaker John Bercow sits behind, Lloyd Russell-Moyle—who was elected in 2017—unexpectedly grabbed the five-foot-long, 22lb mace and stood defiantly in the middle of the floor as Conservative MPs loudly asked him to leave, calling his behavior a disgrace. He went to exit, the speaker tried to solve the conflict and urged the MPs to follow the order and demanded Russell-Moyle to put the mace back, but he refused. However, he did hand the mace over to staff. The MP, who reportedly ended up in the Red Lion pub next to Parliament, tweeted that he would face no further consequences for his protest. “Thankfully they haven’t locked me in the Tower of London but if they had I’d expect May to be in the cell next to me for her treatment of Parliament today,” said Russell-Moyle, “I’m allowed back tomorrow after my symbolic protest against this government, wish May wasn’t allowed back.”


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