Jewish lesbian comic accused rabbis of canceling her shows


Jewish lesbian comic Leah Forster has alleged that Kosher-certified restaurants were bullied into cancelling her comedy shows facing pressure from the religious activists because of her sexuality. 36-year-old New York comic Forster alleges that her planned New Year’s Eve show at Brooklyn kosher restaurant Garden of Eat-In was axed in respond to the protest from Rabbis. A second Brooklyn restaurant, Orchidea, agreed to host the show instead, but also reluctantly cancelled following threats of the restaurant’s Kosher license being revoked. Werzberger says that in addition to the threats to revoke her licence, she received “hundreds of phones calls a day” urging her to cancel the booking, after a campaign against Forster reportedly spread on WhatsApp locally, stating that the woman flaunts the Jewish way of life and disobeys the Jewish law. Forster told the New York Daily News: “They operate like the mafia. If they pull your hechsher (kosher certification), you are screwed. They tell other places not to give you a hechsher. I never want to shove anything in anybody’s face. I don’t want to be remembered for being a trouble maker. I want to be remembered for someone who makes people laugh.”


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